Why the term anti-ageing should be banned

In this age of mindful thinking and positive self esteem there is a well-meaning companion, quietly whispering in our ears for the past two decades who has recently revealed her true colours, and they are dark. The term ‘Anti-Ageing’, while filled with good intentions, has been chipping away at any kind of positive concept of ageing with every lotion and potion we apply to our faces and bodies in the hope of holding back something which should be celebrated.

There is no doubt with that the more time we accrue on this planet, our skincare needs change, but ageing has become the villain of youthfulness.

From the age 25 we are told that we fall off the precipice of youth and should we fall, we will need to clamber our way back up by our manicured fingertips. Anti-ageing products are presented as the safety harness to self-preservation.

From a psychological point of view – remaining on the lower side of the number 25 in your looks does not sit well with the positive mindset of being in the present and enjoying every amazing experience that life has to offer. We are learning the benefits of living in the here and now and the beauty industry needs to take a massive leap to cross that precipice so we can all revel in that adrenaline hit of the jump and look back and reflect on how far we’ve come.

Invasive treatments like Botox and fillers may give the impression of a younger you but is that really you? To erase the years to 25 means deleting a whole chunk of your life that has brought you to this point.   There is so much enjoyment that can be taken in skincare regimes and make up applications to make you feel and look great today, at this age, in this year, at this moment.

Is it time to embrace your numbers?

Say it with me gals “Hell yeah!