Smashbox Brow Tech pencils

Hero products are the one item in a brand that sell more than anything else. There are more Cleanse and Polish sold in the Liz Earle range than all the other products combined. Having won every beauty award in the book, it is their ‘Hero’ product.

The Hero is the one thing from any brand that you should, at least, try.

Every brand has one, or two, whereas some of the big brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown have ten! However, there are usually other products in the range that get overshadowed by the formidable might of the Hero so I’m here to push them out of the shadows into center stage to take a bow.

I’m going start with Smashbox. This LA brand started off life as one of the biggest photographic studios in LA. Headed up my Film Make up legend Max Factor’s nephews – Smashbox studios launch their make up brand in 1996.

Smashbox are renowned for their primers. And where primers are concerned – there is no doubt that they are excellent. However the one product from Smashbox that stands head and shoulders above the rest (in my personal opinion) is a humble brow pencil that I simply can’t be without.

Smashbox Brow Tech Matte pencil in Brunette
Smashbox Brow Tech Matte pencil in Brunette

The Brow Tech Matte pencil in Brunette (£17) is what I would call a universal product. It works beautifully on everyone – no matter what their hair colour – because it is a cool matte brown.  The easy to use pencil can be applied in light strokes to add super-precise line which are so fine you think they are the natural hair – or it can be applied to fill in gaps, define edges. For me it is brow product perfection.   It also has a spooly on the other end so you can brush up those brows and blend away any lines in an instant.

It contains 0.2 g of product so while there are cheaper options for similar products – when you work out the ‘grammage’ – it’s actually around the same so I’d rather invest and have less waste.

If you only own one brow product – let it be this one.

Stand tall little brow pencil. You are the winner!