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Hi, I’m Katrina

The writer behind The Beauty Equation ‘The Beauty blog for women who don’t want to look their age, or act their age’.

I’ve been writing about beauty for over 20 years having worked at ELLE UK as Beauty writer and stylist, as the Irish News beauty writer for nearly 10 years and the first fashion and beauty blogger in Northern Ireland with which still continues today under the leadership of a new team of Sugahgals.

Within this blog we will look at various aspects which all combine to create your ideal beauty equation.   The basis of this formula is as follows (in no particular order)



+ skin boosting foods

+ the right skincare for you

+ enhancing make up

+ mind/body workouts – meditation/yoga/pilates/nature walks

+ regular good quality sleep

+ positive outlook/happiness

= years off your age.


There are things that will add years on to your age like smoking, refined sugar, fried foods, lack of sleep – all the negatives of what is listed above.



There are also multipliers – the ‘superfoods’ if you like of the beauty equation – things that fast track or give a super charged boost.



Your beauty equation is unique to you. You can follow a really specific plan and something will throw you a curve ball and you’ll get a break out or a patch of dry skin – these things happen and it’s important not to zone in on them and focus on this one negative thing as this behaviour becomes a divider – and will undo lots of your good work.

There will always be that person who eats crisps, washes their face with fairy liquid and never drinks water and always looks great. Believe me – they’re doing something else behind the scenes that they’re not telling you about and or have ridiculously good genes (probably both!). Best to ignore them as a distracting outlier and keep thinking beautiful thoughts.

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